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Snap Creator Framework

Creating a backup and restore configuration


You specify most of the information you need for backup and restore operations in a configuration file. The configuration file is the input for Snap Creator backup and restore operations.

You can create as many configuration files as you need, but you can specify only a single configuration file as input for an operation. You can use either the Snap Creator GUI or the Snap Creator CLI to create configuration files.

Note This guide shows how to use the GUI to create configuration files. For information on how to use the CLI, see the Snap Creator Framework 4.1.2 Administration Guide.

You organize configuration files in Snap Creatorprofiles. Profiles and configuration files reside in the \engine\configs subdirectory in the Snap Creator installation directory:

  • On UNIX hosts, the directory to which the installation file was extracted

  • On Windows hosts, C:\Program Files\NetApp\Snap_Creator_Framework\scServer4.1.x, by default

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