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Snap Creator Framework

Snap Creator installation and configuration requirements

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

Before you install the Snap Creator Framework, you should be aware of certain installation and configuration requirements for licenses, software, and hardware.

License requirements

Although Snap Creator does not require a license, the following licenses might be required, depending on the actions you want to perform while using Snap Creator:

  • FlexClone (for volume cloning)

  • Active IQ Unified Manager Core Package (for NetApp Management Console data protection capability and Operations Manager console)

  • Open Systems SnapVault (for OSSV actions)

  • SnapDrive (for SnapDrive actions)

  • SnapMirror (for SnapMirror actions)

  • SnapRestore (for restoring)

  • SnapVault (for SnapVault actions)

See the Interoperability Matrix, which is online at, for details regarding the supported software.

Software information

The following software might be needed depending on your environment:

  • Java (required)

    Note Snap Creator Framework 4.3.3 only supports OpenJDK and Oracle Java 1.8 Update 72 and later.
  • Data ONTAP (required)

  • Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Operating system:

    Note Only U.S.-based operating systems are currently supported.
    • UNIX platforms:

      Note Snap Creator supports only Bash Shell for all UNIX platforms.
      • AIX

      • HP-UX

      • Linux

      • Solaris

    • Microsoft Windows

  • Web browsers:

    • Internet Explorer

    • Firefox

See the Interoperability Matrix, which is online at, for details regarding the supported software.

Hardware requirements

The Snap Creator hardware requirements are as follows:

  • Snap Creator Server requirements:

    Hardware component Minimum Recommended


    1 core

    4 cores, 2 GHz or faster

    Memory (for Snap Creator plus the operating system)

    2 GB RAM

    4 GB RAM

    Disk space

    5 GB

    50 GB or greater (based on the number of logs to be stored)

  • Snap Creator Agent requirements:

    Requires a minimum of 256 MB memory when either no plug-in is deployed or when prepackaged plug-ins are used.

    Prepackaged plug-ins should not need any additional memory requirements. Other plug-ins might have additional requirements.