Uninstalling Snap Creator Agent on UNIX

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You can uninstall Snap Creator Agent from UNIX by deleting the Snap Creator Agent installation folder.

Back up the following directories, and all associated subdirectories and files, within the Snap Creator Agent directory (/install_path/scAgent4.1.0):

  • Logs (../logs)

  • Plug-ins (../plugins)

  • Snap Creator Agent properties (../etc), which contains the allowed_commands.config and agent.properties files

To uninstall the Snap Creator Agent, perform the following steps.

Note The paths provided in the following steps refer to the generic installation path. You can modify the path in these commands to reflect the customized Snap Creator Agent installation path.
  1. Stop the Snap Creator Agent by using the following script:

    /install_path/scAgent4.1.0/bin/scAgent stop
  2. Delete the Snap Creator Agent installation folder.

    For example, on a Linux system, run the following command:

    rm -Rf /install_path/scAgent4.1.0