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Snap Creator Framework

Backing up the changeinfo directory

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

If you plan to back up the changeinfo directory, you must configure the volume containing the directory as a metadata volume. Doing so tells the IBM Domino plug-in to create a Snapshot copy of the changeinfo volume after creating the Snapshot copy for database files.

You should already have identified the changeinfo volume as a volume to be backed up when you created the configuration file. For more information, see step task using the gui to create a configuration.

You use the META_DATA_VOLUME parameter in the configuration file to identify the changeinfo volume as a metadata volume. The parameter is not available in the GUI.

  1. Open the configuration file in a text editor.

    Configuration files reside in the Snap Creator installation directory, in a subdirectory named for the profile. On a Windows host, for example, C:\Program Files\NetApp\Snap_Creator_Framework\scServer4.1.x\engine\configs\Domino\Fuji15.conf, where Domino is the name of the profile and Fuji15.conf is the name of the configuration file.

  2. Enter the name of the changeinfo volume in the META_DATA_VOLUME parameter.

    The changeinfo volume should already be listed in the VOLUMES parameter.

    The following example shows how to configure Fuji15_DomChangeInfo as a metadata volume: