Configuring log backups

Log backups should be stored on a different storage system than the primary storage. The storage system that is used for the data backup can also be used for the log backup.

At the secondary storage, a volume needs to be configured to hold the log backups. Ensure that automatic Snapshot copies are switched off for this volume.

  1. Mount the volume at each database node, either by running the mount command or editing the file system table (fstab) file.

    hana2b:/vol/backup_log_ANA /mnt/backup_log_ANA nfs
    rw,bg,vers=3,hard,timeo=600,rsize=65536,wsize=65536,actimeo=0,noatime   0  0

    Within SAP HANA Studio, the log backup destination is configured as shown in the following figure.

    This image is explained by the surrounding text.