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Snap Creator Framework

Overview of database backups


When Snap Creator is backing up the database, the following steps are executed.

  1. Create a global synchronized backup save point (SAP HANA Snapshot copy) to obtain a consistent image on the persistence layer.

  2. Create storage Snapshot copies for all data volumes.

    In the example, there are three data volumes, which are distributed to both storage controllers, hana1a and hana1b.

  3. Register the storage Snapshot backup within the SAP HANA backup catalog.

  4. Delete the SAP HANA Snapshot copy.

  5. Start SnapVault update for all data volumes.

  6. Check SnapVault status and wait until finished or configurable timeout.

  7. Delete storage Snapshot copies and delete backups in the SAP HANA backup catalog based on the defined retention policy for backups at the primary and secondary storage.

  8. Delete all log backups, which are older than the oldest data backup on the file system and within the SAP HANA backup catalog.