Snap Creator Framework

Virtual machine backup and restore by using the VMware plug-in

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

Snap Creator supports the backup of VMware virtual machines through the VMware plug-in. Virtual machine backups are taken through the vSphere API on the VMware vCenter server.

For virtual machine backup, you must provide the following details in the configuration file:

  • vCenter IP or host name and credentials

  • vSphere virtual machines and datastore names

Note Snap Creator discovers vCenter only if vCenter is configured on the default port (443).

For the restore operation, you should provide the backup parameters and the Snapshot copy name.

Consider the following when performing the VMware backup and restore processes:

  • If a virtual machine is listed and is not available, the plug-in displays an error message. It will not be able to restore a lost virtual machine even if it is backed up.

  • If a datastore is listed, all the virtual machines in the datastore are backed up.

  • Only the listed virtual machines or virtual machines located in the datastores specified are backed up.

  • If a virtual machine selected for backup is contained within a datastore that is also selected for backup, it will be backed up only once.

  • The VMware plug-in supports both Network File System (NFS) and VMware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) datastores.

    • Virtual machine restores on an NFS datastore use Single File SnapRestore (SFSR) on the storage system, which avoids host copies.

    • To restore a virtual machine on a VMFS datastore, perform the following steps:

      1. Use FlexClone or LUN clone of the LUN contained in a specific restore Snapshot copy.

      2. Map it to the cluster.

      3. Use vCenter API calls to copy contents from the Snapshot copy of the VMFS datastore to the original VMFS datastore.