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Cluster and storage switches

Install the cluster Switch Health Monitor (SHM) configuration file


Follow this procedure to install the applicable configuration file for cluster Switch Health Monitoring (SHM) of Nexus 9336C-FX2 cluster switches.

What you’ll need

Before you set up the SHM for 9336C-FX2 cluster switches, make sure that the ONTAP cluster is up and running.

Note You should also enable SSH to use all features available in SHM.
  1. Download the cluster SHM configuration zip file based on the corresponding ONTAP release version. This file is available from the NetApp Software download page.

    1. On the Software download page, select Switch Health Monitor Configuration Files

    2. Select Platform = ONTAP and select Go!

    3. On the Switch Health Monitor Configuration Files for ONTAP page, select View & Download

    4. On the Switch Health Monitor Configuration Files for ONTAP > Description page, select Download for the applicable cluster switch model, for example: Cisco Nexus 9336C-FX2

    5. On the End User License Agreement page, select Accept

    6. On the Switch Health Monitor Configuration Files for ONTAP > Download page, select the applicable configuration file, for example,

  2. Upload the applicable zip file to your internal web server where the IP address is X.X.X.X.

    For an internal web server IP address of and assuming a /usr/download directory exists, you can upload your zip file to your web server using scp:

    % scp admin@
  3. Access the advanced mode setting from one of the ONTAP systems in the cluster:

    set-privilege advanced

    cluster1::> set -privilege advanced
  4. Run the switch health monitor configure command system cluster-switch configure-health-monitor -node * -package-url X.X.X.X/location_to_download_zip_file:

    cluster1::> system cluster-switch configure-health-monitor -node * -package-url
  5. Verify that the command output contains the text string "downloaded package processed successfully". If an error occurs, contact NetApp support.

  6. Run the command system cluster-switch show on the ONTAP system and make sure that the cluster switches are discovered with the monitored field set to "True".

    cluster1::> system cluster-switch show
    Note If at any time you revert to an earlier version of ONTAP, you will need to install the SHM configuration file again to enable SHM of 9336C-FX2 cluster switches.