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Cluster and storage switches

Software install workflow for NVIDIA SN2100 storage switches

Contributors netapp-jsnyder netapp-jolieg

To install and configure the software for a NVIDIA SN2100 switch, follow these steps:

  1. Install Cumulus Linux in Cumulus mode or install Cumulus Linux in ONIE mode.

    You can install Cumulus Linux (CL) OS when the switch is running either Cumulus Linux or ONIE.

  2. Install the Reference Configuration File script.

    There are two RCF scripts available for Clustering and Storage applications.

  3. Configure SNMPv3 for switch log collection.

    This release includes support for SNMPv3 for switch log collection and for Switch Health Monitoring (SHM).

The procedures use Network Command Line Utility (NCLU), which is a command line interface that ensures Cumulus Linux is fully accessible to all. The net command is the wrapper utility you use to execute actions from a terminal.