Configurations that can be excluded from transition

You can customize the configuration transition by excluding some volume-level or SVM-level configurations for NFS, CIFS, SAN, and name services configurations from transition by specifying the property name with the transition cbt property-set command of the 7-Mode Transition Tool CLI.


7-Mode configuration to exclude Property name
Export policies ignore-nfs-exports-transition
NFS options ignore-nfs-options-transition
All NFS configurations ignore-all-nfs-configurations-transition


7-Mode configuration to exclude Property name
Local users and groups ignore-local-users-groups-transition
Home directory paths ignore-cifs-home-directory-paths-transition
Symbolic links ignore-cifs-symlinks-transition
Widelinks ignore-cifs-widelinks-transition
Shares and Share ACLs ignore-cifs-shares-and-acls-transition
CIFS options ignore-cifs-options-transition
Name mapping ignore-cifs-name-mapping-transition
Audit configuration ignore-cifs-audit-transition
Preferred domain controller list ignore-cifs-preferred-domain-controllers-list-transition
All CIFS configurations ignore-all-cifs-configurations-transition

Name services

7-Mode configuration to exclude Property name
Netgroups ignore-netgroups-transition
UNIX users and groups ignore-unix-users-groups-transition
NIS ignore-nis-transition
DNS ignore-dns-transition
LDAP ignore-ldap-transition
/etc/nsswitch.conf file ignore-nsswitch-transition
LDAP-based user mapping ignore-nmswitch-transition
/etc/hosts files ignore-etc-hosts-transition
All name services configurations ignore-all-nameservices-configurations-transition


7-Mode configuration to exclude Property name
igroup and LUN mapping ignore-igroup-and-lunmapping-transition
All configurations ignore-all-san-configurations-transition

Snapshot schedules

7-Mode configuration to exclude Property name
Snapshot schedules ignore-snapshot-schedule-transition
Note: If this option is set to true, the 'default' Snapshot policy is applied to the transitioned volumes.