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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Preparing for copy-based transition


Before initiating a data copy operation from 7-Mode to ONTAP, you must understand the requirements and restrictions for migration, and complete certain tasks on the 7-Mode system and the cluster.

You must ensure that the following requirements are met before transition:

  • The 7-Mode and ONTAP systems must be reachable from the host on which the tool is installed.

  • The 7-Mode systems must be running the supported Data ONTAP versions.

  • SnapMirror must be licensed on the 7-Mode system.

  • Required feature licenses, if they exist on the 7-Mode system, must be installed on the cluster.

  • The NTP server must be configured and the time must be synchronized across the 7-Mode system and cluster.

  • All preparatory tasks on the 7-Mode system must be completed.

  • All preparatory tasks on the cluster must be completed.

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