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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Preparing to transition SAN boot LUNs on AIX hosts with FC/FCoE configurations


Before you transition a SAN boot LUN on an AIX host with an FC/FCoE configuration, you must record the name of the 7-Mode LUN on which AIX is installed and the SCSI device name for that LUN.

  1. From the console of your Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode controller, identify the 7-Mode LUN name on which AIX 7.1 and AIX 6.1 operating system is installed:

    lun show

  2. Obtain the SCSI device name for the LUN on the host:

    sanlun lun show

    In the following example, the transition LUN is lun_sanboot_fas3170_aix04 and the SCSI device for this LUN is hdisk0.

    [04:02 AM root@822-aix03p1/]: sanlun lun show
    vserver[Cmode] lun-pathname
    fas3170-aix04  /vol/vol_fas3170_aix04_sanboot/lun_sanboot_fas3170_aix04
    kit            /vol/kit/kit_0
    kit            /vol/kit/kit_0
    filename	adapter	protocol	size		mode
    hdisk0     fcs0       FCP      100g	  7
    hdisk1     fcs0       FCP      5g       C
    hdisk2     fcs0       FCP      5g       C