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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Planning for transition

Contributors netapp-ranuk

Before copying data from 7-Mode volumes to clustered ONTAP volumes, you must understand when to use SnapMirror to perform the transition and review the information for supported 7-Mode versions and supported volumes for transition. You must also be aware of certain transition considerations.

You should review the Release Notes for the transition target release in case there are any transition issues.

SnapMirror relationships between 7-Mode and clustered ONTAP volumes are supported in the following releases:

  • ONTAP 9.8 and later releases

  • ONTAP 9.7P2 and later 9.7 releases

  • ONTAP 9.6P7 and later 9.6 releases

  • ONTAP 9.0 to ONTAP 9.5

  • ONTAP 9.9.1 and later releases

  • ONTAP 9.10.1 and later releases

Beginning with ONTAP 9.12.1, you can no longer transition 7-Mode volumes using SnapMirror technology.

You can use SnapMirror to transition data in the following scenarios:

  • The 7-Mode Transition Tool does not support your requirements for transition; for example, the 7-Mode Transition Tool requires a Windows or Linux host that might be unavailable in your environment.

    Recommendation: You should use the 7-Mode Transition Tool to transition 7-Mode volumes because the tool provides prechecks to verify the feasibility of transition and migrates all protocol, network, and services configurations along with the data.

    You can install and use the 7-Mode Transition Tool to perform the prechecks for transitioning and then use SnapMirror commands to perform the data migration from the 7-Mode volume to the clustered ONTAP volume.

  • The cluster and storage virtual machine (SVM) are already configured and only the data has to be transitioned from the 7-Mode volumes to the clustered ONTAP volumes.