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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Configuring zones by using the FC zone plan


After completing the transition, you must configure the zones by using the FC zone plan to group the initiator hosts and targets for providing data access from the cluster.

  • The cluster and initiator hosts must be connected to the switch.

  • The FC zone script file must be accessible.

  1. Log in to the CLI of the switch.

  2. Copy and execute the required zone commands one at a time.

    The following example runs the zone commands on the switch:

    switch1:admin>config terminal
    # Enable NPIV feature
    feature npiv
    zone name auto_transition_igroup_d31_194bf3 vsan 10
    member pwwn 21:00:00:c0:dd:19:4b:f3
    member pwwn 20:07:00:a0:98:32:99:07
    member pwwn 20:09:00:a0:98:32:99:07
    copy running-config startup-config

The initiator hosts can access data from the cluster.