ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Preparing for transitioning to ONTAP 8.3 and later supported releases


32-bit aggregates, volumes, and Snapshot copies are not supported in ONTAP 8.3 and later. Therefore, you must expand the 32-bit aggregates to 64-bit, and then find and remove any 32-bit volumes and Snapshot copies from the 7-Mode system before transition. Because all 7-Mode versions do not support the capability of expanding 32-bit aggregates and removing 32-bit volumes and Snapshot copies, you might have to upgrade your 7-Mode system before transition.

Note Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.x supports 32-bit aggregates, volumes and Snapshot copies. Therefore, you can transition 32-bit data from 7-Mode system to a target cluster running Data ONTAP 8.2.x. However, after the transition, if the target cluster must be upgraded to ONTAP 8.3 or later version , then you must upgrade all the existing 32-bit data on the target cluster to 64-bit format before upgrading the ONTAP version of the target cluster..

You should use the following workflow to decide whether an upgrade is required before transition.

32bit upgrade path updated

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