Recommended settings for ESXi hosts after transition remediation

After you complete the post-transition remediation steps for your ESXi host, you should apply the recommended ESXi host settings for clustered Data ONTAP on the host.

You can use Virtual Storage Console (VSC) to configure ESXi host settings. VSC is the standard NetApp plug-in that enables vSphere vCenter to configure ESXi host settings for Data ONTAP. ESXi hosts and virtual machines (VMs) deployed on the source 7-Mode system should be configured using VSC. Alternatively, you can configure VMs manually by using the information in the following Knowledgebase articles:

  • Guest OS tunings

  • Task Set Full (QFull) Tunables for LUNs in vSphere 5.1

  • Storage Array Type Plugin option for a NetApp array on VMware vSphere

  • HardwareAcceleratedLocking setting required for VMware deployment