ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Migrating data and configuration from 7-Mode volumes


To migrate volumes or a volume SnapMirror relationship by using the 7-Mode Transition Tool, you must first configure projects, start a baseline copy, and complete the projects.

  • The 7-Mode controllers and clusters that you want to include in the transition must be reachable from the Windows host where the tool is installed.

  • You must have all administrator-level privileges for the controllers and clusters that you want to include in the transition project.

  • The 7-Mode Transition Tool service must be running on the machine on which it is installed.

    The service is set to automatic by default, and should start when you restart the machine.

  • You should not perform assessment and migration operations on a controller simultaneously.

  • You should not modify the objects (volumes, IP addresses, system information, and so on) on the 7-Mode controllers and clusters after fixing errors and warnings that are reported by precheck.

  • You should avoid using multiple web interface sessions that are writing to the same SVM simultaneously to prevent undesired results.

  • You should avoid modifying the controller and cluster passwords during the transition process.

  • You should avoid using the Backand Forward browser buttons, as the tool does not support web browser navigation and might cause undesired results.

  • You should avoid browser refresh while transition is in progress, because it might cause undesired results.

The following image illustrates the migration process:

transition gui flow

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