ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Reinstalling or upgrading the 7-Mode Transition Tool fails on Windows system


This section provides information about the error when you reinstall or upgrade the 7-Mode Transition Tool on Windows system. It also provides the reason for the error and the steps to resolve the error.

  • Message

    Another instance of NetApp 7-Mode Transition Tool setup or uninstall is running. Only one instance can run at a time.

  • Cause

    Some of the files in the 7-Mode Transition Tool installation folder are open.

  • Corrective action

    1. Close all of the 7-Mode Transition Tool installation files.

    2. Open the registry entry for 7-Mode Transition Tool:

      1. Check the INSTALLATION_STATUS field.

      2. If the value is INSTALLER_IS_RUNNING, change it to INSTALLED.

    3. Retry reinstalling or upgrading the tool.