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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Completing the transition


Because the complete operation is disruptive, you should evaluate when to run it. When transitioning volumes in a SnapMirror relationship, the secondary project must be completed before completing the transition of the primary project.

  1. Perform a data copy from the 7-Mode volumes to the ONTAP volumes:

    transition cbt update -p project_name -t available-transfers-percentage -c snapmirror-throttlemax-cap-concurrent-transfers -x -r interactive

    This helps in reducing the downtime during storage cutover.

  2. Manual: Disconnect client access.

  3. Complete the transition process:

    transition cbt cutover -p project_name -t available-transfers-percentage -c max-cap-concurrent-transfers -x snapmirror-throttle -r interactive -o [true|false]

    By default, the 7-Mode volumes are made offline. To keep the 7-Mode volumes online, set the -o option to false.

    Note If the cutover is not successful for some reason—​for example, the 7-Mode system or cluster is not reachable—​you must resolve the issues and run the transition cutover command again.

    For more information about the commands, see the man pages.

    The transition session moves to the cutover state. If the cutover is successful, the session moves to the completed state.

You must perform any post-transition tasks and reconnect the clients to the ONTAP volumes.