ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Booting from SAN boot LUN on AIX hosts with FC/FCoE configurations after transition


After transitioning a SAN boot LUN on an AIX host with an FC or FCoE configuration, you must perform certain steps to boot your host from the SAN boot LUN.

For copy-based transitions, you must perform these steps after completing the Storage Cutover operation in the 7-Mode Transition Tool. Copy-free transitions are not supported on AIX hosts.

  1. Log in to the Hardware Management Console (HMC), and then boot your host in the SMS menu.

  2. Select the host.

  3. Select Operations > Activate > Profile.

  4. Click the Advanced tab.

  5. Select SMS, and then click OK.

  6. In the SMS Main Menu, enter 5 to select 5. Select Boot Options.

  7. Enter 1 to select 1. Select Install/Boot Device.

  8. Enter 5 to select 5. List all Devices.

  9. Enter the device number of the ONTAP SAN boot LUN that you want to boot with.

    In the following example, the desired LUN is option 5:

    Select Device
    Device 	Current 	Device
    Number		Position	Name
    1.   -   PCIe2 4-port 1GbE Adapter
         ( loc=U78CB.001.WZS062Y-P1-C12-T1 )
    2.   -   PCIe2 4-port 1GbE Adapter
         ( loc=U78CB.001.WZS062Y-P1-C12-T2 )
    3.   -   PCIe2 4-port 1GbE Adapter
         ( loc=U78CB.001.WZS062Y-P1-C12-T3 )
    4.   -   PCIe2 4-port 1GbE Adapter
         ( loc=U78CB.001.WZS062Y-P1-C12-T4 )
    5.   -   107 GB		FC Harddisk, part=2 (AIX 7.1.0)
         ( loc=U78CB.001.WZS062Y-P1-C7-T1-W232200a09830ca3a-L0000000000000000 )
    6.   -   107 GB		FC Harddisk, part=2 (AIX 7.1.0)
         ( loc=U78CB.001.WZS062Y-P1-C7-T2-W232200a09830ca3a-L0000000000000000 )
    Navigation keys:
    M = return to Main Menu  N = Next page of list
    ESC key = return to previous screen   X = eXit System Management Services
    Type menu item number and press Enter or select Navigation keys: 5
  10. Enter 2 to select 2. Normal Mode Boot.

  11. Enter 1 to exit the SMS menu.

  12. Wait for your operating system to boot.

  13. Display the LUN path name:

    sanlun lun show

    The output in the mode column should have changed from 7 to C.