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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Preparing to transition SAN boot LUNs on HP-UX hosts with FC configurations


Before you transition a SAN boot LUN on an HP-UX host with an FC configuration, you must record the name of the 7-Mode LUN on which HP-UX is installed, the SCSI device name for that LUN, the Agile naming convention, and the WWID.

  1. From the console of the 7-Mode controller, display your 7-Mode LUNs to identify the LUN name on which the “HPUX11v3 March 2014” operating system is installed:

    lun show

  2. Obtain the SCSI device name for the LUN:

    sanlun lun show -p

    In this example, the transition LUN is bootlun_94. The SCSI devices for this LUN are /dev/dsk/c14t0d0, /dev/dsk/c27t0d0, /dev/dsk/c40t0d0, and /dev/dsk/c31t0d0 .

            ONTAP Path: f8040-211-183:/vol/vol_183/bootlun_94
                   LUN: 0
              LUN Size: 100g
           Host Device: /dev/rdisk/disk6
                  Mode: 7
    Multipath Provider: None
    host      vserver   /dev/dsk
    path      path      filename           host     vserver
    state     type      or hardware path   adapter  LIF
    -----     -------   ----------------   -------  -------
    up        secondary /dev/dsk/c14t0d0   fcd0     fc4
    up        primary   /dev/dsk/c27t0d0   fcd0     fc2
    up        primary   /dev/dsk/c40t0d0   fcd1     fc1
    up        secondary /dev/dsk/c31t0d0   fcd1     fc3
  3. Identify the WWID for the LUN on the host:

    scsimgr get_info -D SCSI_device_name |grep WWID

    In the following example, the LUN WWID for device /dev/rdisk/disk6 is 0x600a09804d537739422445386b75556:

    bash-2.05# scsimgr get_info -D /dev/rdisk/disk6 | grep WWID
    World Wide Identifier (WWID)      = 0x600a09804d537739422445386b755564