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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

NFS transition: supported and unsupported configurations, and required manual steps


Some NFS configurations are not transitioned to ONTAP because they are not supported in ONTAP, there are functionality differences from 7-Mode, or they must be manually transitioned. You should verify all of the precheck errors and warning messages to evaluate the impact of such configurations on transition.

Supported configurations for transition

At a high level, the following NFS configurations are transitioned by the 7-Mode Transition Tool:

  • NFS options:

    • nfs.udp.xfersize


    • nfs.v4.acl.max.aces

    • nfs.tcp.xfersize

    • nfs.rpcsec.ctx.high

    • nfs.rpcsec.ctx.idle

    • nfs.response.trigger

    • wafl.default_nt_user

    • nfs.mount_rootonly

    • nfs.tcp.enable

    • nfs.udp.enable

    • nfs.response.trace

    • nfs.v4.read_delegation

    • nfs.v4.write_delegation

    • nfs.v4.acl.enable

    • nfs.vstorage.enable

    • nfs.v3.enable

    • nfs.v4.enable

  • NFS export rule:

    If the export rule is configured with the -actual option, the exported path (alias path) is ignored and the export rule is configured with the actual path.

  • Export rules with Kerberos security krb5p

See the precheck results for details about these NFS configurations.

Unsupported configurations in ONTAP

The following NFS configurations are not supported in ONTAP:

  • Subvolume NFS exports other than qtree-level NFS exports

  • WebNFS

  • PC-NFS

  • NFSv2

  • Fencing of NFS clients from one or more file system paths

  • Some NFS options

    See the precheck warning messages for a complete list of unsupported options.

Configurations that must be manually transitioned

There are some NFS configurations that are supported in ONTAP, but are not transitioned by the 7-Mode Transition Tool.

The following NFS configurations generate a warning message in the precheck operation, and you must manually apply the configurations on the SVM:

  • NFS audit configuration

  • NFS options:

    • rpc.nsm.tcp.port

    • rpc.nsm.udp.port

    • rpc.mountd.tcp.port

    • rpc.mountd.udp.port

    • nfs.export.neg.timeout

    • nfs.export.pos.timeout

    • nfs.export.harvest.timeout Use the vserver nfs modify command to modify the configuration of an NFS-enabled storage virtual machine (SVM).

  • Kerberos configuration

Configurations that are functionally different in ONTAP

The following NFS configurations are functionally different in ONTAP:

  • NFS export rules

  • NFS export access cache

  • NFS diagnostic commands

  • Support for the showmount command

  • NFS Kerberos encryption

  • NLM version support

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