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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Failed to boot the 7-Mode controller in maintenance mode


The export and halt operation fails with the error message: Failed to boot the 7-Mode controller in maintenance mode. You must manually halt and boot the controller in the maintenance mode and rerun the operation.


  1. Halt the 7-Mode storage system:

    halt -f -t 0

  2. At the LOADER prompt, record the values set for the bootarg.init.console_muted and bootarg.init.console_level boot boot parameters:

    printenv bootarg.init.console_muted

    printenv bootarg.init.console_level

  3. Disable the console messages by setting the following boot parameters:

    setenv bootarg.init.console_muted "true"

    setenv bootarg.init.console_level "-1"

  4. From the 7-Mode Transition Tool, rerun the export and halt operation.

  5. From the 7-Mode storage system, set the boot parameters to their original values, as recorded in Step 2:

    If the boot parameters are…​ Enter the following commands…​

    Not set previously with any value (undefined)

    unsetenv bootarg.init.console_muted

    unsetenv bootarg.init.console_level

    Set with a value previously

    unsetenv bootarg.init.console_muted "original_value"

    unsetenv bootarg.init.console_level "original_value"