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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Generating an assessment report by importing the inventory report XML

Contributors netapp-maireadn

You can import the inventory XML report generated by the Inventory Collect Tool to assess the features and functionalities of hosts and controllers. You can then identify how these host and controllers work in the ONTAP version selected for transition by creating an assessment report.

  • You must have run the Inventory Collect Tool and generated the inventory report XML file.

    Note To assess hosts and controllers for copy-free transition, you must use the latest version of the Inventory Collect Tool to collect inventory.
  • You must have prepared the 7-Mode systems and hosts for transition assessment.

The systems that you want to assess need not be reachable while importing the inventory report and performing transition assessment.

  1. Log in to the 7-Mode Transition Tool, and then click Collect and Assess in the home page.

  2. Click Import Inventory Report XML.

  3. Click Browse, and then select the XML report generated by the Inventory Collect Tool.

  4. Click Import.

    The assessment status of the system shows Imported;Ready.

  5. Select the system for which you want to perform transition assessment.

  6. Click Create Transition Assessment Report.

  7. In the Create Transition Assessment Report dialog box, select the Data ONTAP version of the target cluster.

  8. Specify a prefix for the file name of the reports.

  9. Click Generate Report.

    The AssessmentWorkbook and AssessmentExecutiveSummary reports are generated in XML format.

  10. View the AssessmentWorkbook report in Microsoft Excel and the AssessmentExecutiveSummary report in Microsoft Word by using Microsoft Office 2007 or later versions.

    To view the AssessmentWorkbook report in Microsoft Excel, you might have to enable macros in Excel.