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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Resuming a failed SnapMirror baseline transfer


During transition, SnapMirror baseline transfers can fail due to a number of reasons, such as loss of network connectivity, transfer aborted, or controller failover. After rectifying the cause of failure, you can resume the SnapMirror transfers if a restart checkpoint is available.

If the restart checkpoint for the baseline transfer is not available, you must delete and re-create the volume, reestablish the SnapMirror relationship, and initiate the transition again.

  1. From the destination cluster, use the snapmirror show command with the -snapshot-checkpoint parameter to view the status of the baseline transfer and the restart checkpoint.

    cluster2::> snapmirror show -destination-path dest_vserver:vol3 -fields snapshot-checkpoint
    source-path          destination-path snapshot-checkpoint
    -------------------- ---------------- -------------------
    src_system:vol3    dest_vserver:vol3 50MB
  2. If the SnapMirror checkpoint exists, use the snapmirror initialize command to resume the baseline transfer.

    cluster2::> snapmirror initialize -destination-path dest_vserver:vol3