When to roll back a transition and when to call technical support

You can roll back without assistance when performing a rollback on test or lab clusters, but you must call technical support if you encounter problems during or after transition, or if you want to roll back a transition performed on a production cluster.

Important You should not attempt to roll back a transition in a production environment without assistance from technical support.

If you encounter any of the following circumstances, contact technical support immediately:

  • The transition process fails and cannot finish, and you are unsure of what to do next.

  • The transition process finishes, but the cluster is unusable in a production environment.

  • The transition process finishes and the cluster goes into production, but you are not satisfied with its behavior.

  • The transition process finishes for some but not all of the data and configuration, and you decide that you want to roll back the transition.

  • You have a problem with the transition process and cannot resolve the problem with the error response messages in the 7-Mode Transition Tool, in the Data ONTAP EMS event messages, and NetApp Knowledgebase.

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