ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Preparing for cutover phase when transitioning Linux host file systems on LVM devices


If you are transitioning a Linux host file system on a Logical Volume Manager (LVM) device, there are steps you must perform before the cutover phase.

  • For FC configurations, you must have fabric connectivity and zoning to clustered Data ONTAP controllers.

  • For iSCSI configurations, your iSCSI sessions must be discovered and logged in to your clustered Data ONTAP controllers.

  • You must have the following pretransition information gathered from the Inventory Assessment Workbook:

    • The DMMP device names used by the LVM

    • The volume group name

    • The logical volume name

    • The file system configured on the logical volume device

    • The directory on which the logical volumes are mounted

  • For copy-based transitions, perform these steps before initiating the Storage Cutover operation in the 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT).

  • For copy-free transitions, perform these steps before initiating the Export & Halt 7-Mode operation in the 7MTT.

  1. Stop I/O to LV mount points.

  2. Shut down the applications accessing the LUNs according to application vendor’s recommendations.

  3. Unmount the LV mount point:

    umount dir_name

  4. Disable the logical volume:

    vgchange -an vg_name

  5. Verify the logical volume status:

    lvdisplay dir_name

    The LV status should display “NOT available”.

  6. Export the volume group:

    vgexport vg_name

  7. Verify the VG status:

    vgdisplay vg_name

    The VG status should display “exported”.

  8. Flush the 7-Mode DDMP device IDs:

    multipath -f device_name

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