Preparing for cutover phase when transitioning AIX host data LUNs with file systems

If you are transitioning an AIX host data LUN with a file system from Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode to clustered Data ONTAP, you must perform certain steps before entering the cutover phase.

Fabric connectivity and zoning to the clustered Data ONTAP nodes must be established.

For copy-based transitions, perform these steps after completing the Storage Cutover operation in the 7-Mode Transition Tool. Copy-free transitions are not supported on AIX hosts.

  1. Stop I/O on all of the mount points.

  2. Shut down each application accessing the LUNs according to the recommendations of the application vendor.

  3. Unmount all of the mount points:

    umount mount_point

  4. Disable the volume group:

    varyoffvq vg_name

  5. Export the volume group:

    exportvg vg_name

  6. Verify the volume group status:


    The exported volume group should not be listed in the output.

  7. If there are any stale entries, remove them:

    rmdev -Rdl hdisk#