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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Installing 7-Mode Transition Tool on Linux


You can install the 7-Mode Transition Tool on your Linux system by using the command-line interface.

  1. Download the tar.gz file from the NetApp Support Site.

  2. Extract the tar.gz file to a directory in the Linux system:

    tar -xzvf NetApp_7ModeTransitionTool_Setup.tar.gz -C directory_path

  3. Change the directory to the installation directory:

    cd directory_path/NetApp_7ModeTransitionTool

  4. Configure the 7-Mode Transition Tool server:


    This starts the 7-Mode Transition Tool service on the Linux system.

  5. Verify that the 7-Mode Transition Tool service is running on the Linux system:

    service transition-service status


bash-4.2# tar -xzvf NetApp_7ModeTransitionTool_Setup.tar.gz -C /root/Downloads/extracted_folder
bash-4.2# cd /root/Downloads/extracted_folder/NetApp_7ModeTransitionTool
bash-4.2# ./configure
bash-4.2# service transition-service status
The transition-service (NetApp 7-Mode Transition Tool server) is running. PID=38384.