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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Making a SAN boot LUN the primary boot LUN for HP-UX Emulex HBAs after transition


If your Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode HP-UX host was SAN booted, you must make the SAN boot LUN the primary boot LUN after transition to clustered Data ONTAP.

Your data migration must be complete and your boot LUN must be mapped to your host from your clustered Data ONTAP node.

For copy-based transitions, perform these steps after completing the Storage Cutover operation in the 7-Mode Transition Tool. Copy-free transitions are not supported on HP-UX hosts.

  1. From the shell prompt, list the Emulex HBAs:


  2. Select the Emulex HBA, and then press Enter.

  3. Select Setup Utility.

  4. Select Configure Boot Parameters.

  5. Select Configure Boot Devices.

  6. Select any device from the list, and then press Enter.

  7. Select Scan Targets.

  8. Select the LUN with the boot path you want, and then press Enter.

  9. Select Peripheral dev as the Mode, and then press Enter.

  10. Select Boot this device via WWN, and then press Enter.

    Your boot LUN is displayed.

  11. Press Esc until you return to the shell prompt.

  12. Display your LUN to obtain the path of the LUN from which you want to boot:

    map -r

    The LUN paths are listed under the Device column. The bootable SAN disk are displayed under the mapping table column and have “WWN” and “Part 1” in the output string.

  13. Enter the LUN path of your SAN boot LUN.

    An example of a LUN path is fs0.

  14. Exit the EFI shell:

    cd efi

  15. Enter the HPUX directory:

    cd hpux

  16. Make the new clustered Data ONTAP SAN boot LUN the primary boot LUN:

    bcfg boot add 1 hpux.efi "HP-UX-Primary Boot"

  17. Manually update the HBA BIOS by making an entry in the EFI for the SAN boot LUN.

  18. Create an alternate boot path:

    bcfg boot add 2 hpux.efi “HPUX alternate boot”

  19. Create a third boot path:

    bcfg boot add 2 hpux.efi “HPUX third boot”

  20. Create a fourth boot path:

    bcfg boot add 2 hpux.efi “HPUX fourth boot”