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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Uninstalling 7-Mode Transition Tool on Linux


You can uninstall the 7-Mode Transition Tool on Linux by using the command-line interface.

  • You must have completed all in-progress transitions.

    Important Installing a newer version or reinstalling the same version of the tool does not allow you to access the transition operations started by the uninstalled instance.
  • If the 7-Mode Transition Tool is running, it must be stopped.

JRE is not removed as part of the uninstallation.

  1. Uninstall 7-Mode Transition Tool by running the following command from the location where you extracted the 7-Mode Transition Tool:


  2. Remove the 7-Mode Transition Tool directory:

    1. cd ..

    2. rm -rf NetApp_7ModeTransitionTool


bash-4.2# cd /root/Downloads/extracted_folder/NetApp_7ModeTransitionTool
bash-4.2# ./unconfigure
bash-4.2# cd ..
bash-4.2# rm -rf NetApp_7ModeTransitionTool