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Convert an original node to a drive shelf

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

If your original node is one of the supported models, during the process of upgrading by moving storage you can convert the node to a drive shelf and then attach it to the new nodes in the same cluster.

Before you begin

You must have reviewed Considerations for upgrading controller hardware about converting a node to a drive shelf. Contact technical support if you need guidance specific to your configuration.

  1. Replace the controller modules in the node you are converting with appropriate IOM modules.

  2. Set the drive shelf ID.

    Each drive shelf, including the chassis, requires a unique ID.

  3. Reset other drive shelf IDs as needed.

  4. Turn off power to any drive shelves connected to the new nodes, and then turn off power to the new nodes.

  5. Cable the converted drive shelf to a SAS port on the new system, and, if you are using out-of-band ACP cabling, to the ACP port on the new node.

  6. Turn on the power to the converted drive shelf and any other drive shelves attached to the new nodes.

  7. Turn on the power to the new nodes, and then interrupt the boot process on each node by pressing Ctrl-C to access the boot environment prompt.