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Join the quorum when a node has a different set of network ports

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The node with the new controller boots and attempts to join the cluster automatically at first; however, if the new node has a different set of network ports, you must perform the following steps to confirm that the node successfully joins the quorum.

About this task

You can use these instructions for any relevant node. Node3 is used throughout the following sample.

  1. Verify that the new cluster ports are in the Cluster broadcast domain by entering the following command and checking the output:

    network port show -node node -port port -fields broadcast-domain

    The following example shows that port "e1a" is in the Cluster domain on node3:

    cluster::> network port show -node node3 -port e1a -fields broadcast-domain
    node    port  broadcast-domain
    ------  ----  ---------------
    node3   e1a   Cluster
  2. Add the correct ports to the Cluster broadcast domain by entering the following command and checking the output:

    network port modify -node -port -ipspace Cluster -mtu 9000

    This example adds Cluster port "e1b" on node3:

    network port modify -node node3 -port e1b -ipspace Cluster -mtu 9000
  3. Migrate the cluster LIFs to the new ports, once for each LIF, using the following command:

    network interface migrate -vserver Cluster -lif lif_name -source-node node3 destination-node node3 -destination-port port_name

  4. Modify the home port of the cluster LIFs as follows:

    network interface modify -vserver Cluster -lif lif_name –home-port port_name

  5. If the cluster ports are not in the Cluster broadcast-domain, add them with the following command:

    network port broadcast-domain add-ports -ipspace Cluster -broadcastdomain Cluster ports node:port

  6. Remove the old ports from the Cluster broadcast domain. You can use for any relevant node. The following command removes port "e0d" on node3:

    network port broadcast-domain remove-ports network port broadcast-domain remove-ports ipspace Cluster -broadcast-domain Cluster ‑ports node3:e0d

  7. Verify the node has rejoined quorum as follows:

    cluster show -node node3 -fields health

  8. Adjust the broadcast domains hosting your cluster LIFs and node-management/cluster management LIFs. Confirm that each broadcast domain contains the correct ports. A port cannot be moved between broadcast domains if it is hosting or is home to a LIF, so you might need to migrate and modify the LIFs as follows:

    1. Display the home port of a LIF:

      network interface show -fields home-node,home-port

    2. Display the broadcast domain containing this port:

      network port broadcast-domain show -ports node_name:port_name

    3. Add or remove ports from broadcast domains:

      network port broadcast-domain add-ports network port broadcast-domain remove-port

    4. Modify a home port of a LIF:

      network interface modify -vserver vserver-name -lif lif_name –home-port port_name

      Adjust the intercluster broadcast domains and migrate the intercluster LIFs, if necessary. The data LIFs remain unchanged.