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Companies and organizations of all sizes and across all industries are turning to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) to solve real-world problems, deliver innovative products and services, and to get an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As organizations increase their use of AI, ML, and DL, they face many challenges, including workload scalability and data availability. These challenges can be addressed through the use of the NetApp AI Control Plane solution.

This solution enables you to rapidly clone a data namespace. Additionally, it allows you to define and implement AI, ML, and DL training workflows that incorporate the near-instant creation of data and model baselines for traceability and versioning. With this solution, you can trace every single model training run back to the exact dataset(s) that the model was trained and/or validated with. Lastly, this solution enables you to swiftly provision Jupyter Notebook workspaces with access to massive datasets.

Because this solution is targeted towards data scientists and data engineers, minimal NetApp or NetApp ONTAP expertise is required. With this solution, data management functions can be executed using simple and familiar tools and interfaces. Furthermore, this solution utilizes fully open-source and free components. Therefore, if you already have NetApp storage in your environment, you can implement this solution today. If you want to test drive this solution but you do not have already have NetApp storage, visit, and you can be up and running with a cloud-based NetApp storage solution in no time.