Getting started overview

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This section provides a summary of the tasks that must be completed to meet the prerequisite requirements as outlined in previous section. The following section provide a high level tasks list for both on-premises and public cloud operations. The detailed processes and procedures can be accessed by clicking on the relevant links.


  • Setup database admin user in SnapCenter

  • SnapCenter plugin installation prerequisites

  • SnapCenter host plugin installation

  • DB resource discovery

  • Setup storage cluster peering and DB volume replication

  • Add CVO database storage SVM to SnapCenter

  • Setup database backup policy in SnapCenter

  • Implement backup policy to protect database

  • Validate backup

AWS public cloud

  • Pre-flight check

  • Steps to deploy Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS

  • Deploy EC2 compute instance for database workload

Click the following links for details: