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Register your Red Hat OpenShift Clusters with the Astra Control Center

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To enable the Astra Control Center to manage your workloads, you must first register your Red Hat OpenShift cluster.

Register Red Hat OpenShift clusters

  1. The first step is to add the OpenShift clusters to the Astra Control Center and manage them. Go to Clusters and click Add a Cluster, upload the kubeconfig file for the OpenShift cluster, and click Select Storage.

    Astra Control Center create cluster

    Note The kubeconfig file can be generated to authenticate with a username and password or a token. Tokens expire after a limited amount of time and might leave the registered cluster unreachable. NetApp recommends using a kubeconfig file with a username and password to register your OpenShift clusters to Astra Control Center.
  2. Astra Control Center detects the eligible storage classes. Now select the way that storageclass provisions volumes using Trident backed by an SVM on NetApp ONTAP and click Review. In the next pane, verify the details and click Add Cluster.

    Astra Control Center create cluster select storage

  3. Register both OpenShift clusters as described in step 1. When added, the clusters move to the Discovering status while Astra Control Center inspects them and installs the necessary agents. Cluster status changes to Running after they are successfully registered.

    Astra Control Center clusters available

    Note All Red Hat OpenShift clusters to be managed by Astra Control Center should have access to the image registry that was used for its installation as the agents installed on the managed clusters pull the images from that registry.
  4. Import ONTAP clusters as storage resources to be managed as backends by Astra Control Center. When OpenShift clusters are added to Astra and a storageclass is configured, it automatically discovers and inspects the ONTAP cluster backing the storageclass but does not import it into the Astra Control Center to be managed.

    Astra Control Center backend discovery

  5. To import the ONTAP clusters, go to Backends, click the dropdown, and select Manage next to the ONTAP cluster to be managed. Enter the ONTAP cluster credentials, click Review Information, and then click Import Storage Backend.

    Astra Control Center create backend

  6. After the backends are added, the status changes to Available. These backends now have the information about the persistent volumes in the OpenShift cluster and the corresponding volumes on the ONTAP system.

    Astra Control Center backends available

  7. For backup and restore across OpenShift clusters using Astra Control Center, you must provision an object storage bucket that supports the S3 protocol. Currently supported options are ONTAP S3, StorageGRID, and AWS S3. For the purpose of this installation, we are going to configure an AWS S3 bucket. Go to Buckets, click Add bucket, and select Generic S3. Enter the details about the S3 bucket and credentials to access it, click the checkbox "Make this bucket the default bucket for the cloud," and then click Add.

    Astra Control Center create bucket