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NetApp Solutions

Use Cases

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Hybrid VDI with NetApp VDS allows service providers and enterprise virtual desktop administrators to easily expand resources to other cloud environment without affecting their users. Having on-premises resources provides better control of resources and offers wide selection of choices (compute, GPU, storage, and network) to meet demand.

This solution applies to the following use cases:

  • Bursting into the cloud for surges in demand for remote desktops and applications

  • Reducing TCO for long running remote desktops and applications by hosting them on-premises with flash storage and GPU resources

  • Ease of management of remote desktops and applications across cloud environments

  • Experience remote desktops and applications by using a software-as-a- service model with on-premises resources

Target Audience

The target audience for the solution includes the following groups:

  • EUC/VDI architects who wants to understand the requirements for a hybrid VDS

  • NetApp partners who would like to assist customers with their remote desktop and application needs

  • Existing NetApp HCI customers who want to address remote desktop and application demands