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NetApp Solutions


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The NetApp and Lenovo solution validated here is a flexible scale-out architecture that is ideal for entry into mid-level enterprise AI.

NetApp storage delivers the same or better performance as local SSD storage and offers the following benefits to data scientists, data engineers, and IT decision makers:

  • Effortless sharing of data between AI systems, analytics, and other critical business systems. This data sharing reduces infrastructure overhead, improves performance, and streamlines data management across the enterprise.

  • Independently scalable compute and storage to minimize costs and improve resource utilization.

  • Streamlined development and deployment workflows using integrated snapshots and clones for instantaneous and space-efficient user workspaces, integrated version control, and automated deployment.

  • Enterprise-grade data protection for disaster recovery and business continuance.


  • Karthikeyan Nagalingam, Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp

  • Jarrett Upton, Admin, AI Lab Systems, Lenovo

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