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Kubernetes Deployment

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This section describes the tasks that you must complete to deploy a Kubernetes cluster in which to implement the NetApp AI Control Plane solution. If you already have a Kubernetes cluster, then you can skip this section as long as you are running a version of Kubernetes that is supported by Kubeflow and NetApp Trident. For a list of Kubernetes versions that are supported by Kubeflow, see the see the official Kubeflow documentation. For a list of Kubernetes versions that are supported by Trident, see the Trident documentation.

For on-premises Kubernetes deployments that incorporate bare-metal nodes featuring NVIDIA GPU(s), NetApp recommends using NVIDIA’s DeepOps Kubernetes deployment tool. This section outlines the deployment of a Kubernetes cluster using DeepOps.


Before you perform the deployment exercise that is outlined in this section, we assume that you have already performed the following tasks:

  1. You have already configured any bare-metal Kubernetes nodes (for example, an NVIDIA DGX system that is part of an ONTAP AI pod) according to standard configuration instructions.

  2. You have installed a supported operating system on all Kubernetes master and worker nodes and on a deployment jump host. For a list of operating systems that are supported by DeepOps, see the DeepOps GitHub site.

Use NVIDIA DeepOps to Install and Configure Kubernetes

To deploy and configure your Kubernetes cluster with NVIDIA DeepOps, perform the following tasks from a deployment jump host:

  1. Download NVIDIA DeepOps by following the instructions on the Getting Started page on the NVIDIA DeepOps GitHub site.

  2. Deploy Kubernetes in your cluster by following the instructions on the Kubernetes Deployment Guide page on the NVIDIA DeepOps GitHub site.