Additional menu options

The following menu options enable you to perform various administrative tasks on the Unified Manager server.

The following menu choices are available:

Reset Server Certificate
Regenerates the HTTPS server certificate.
You can regenerate the server certificate in the Unified Manager GUI by clicking > HTTPS Certificate > Regenerate HTTPS Certificate.
External Data Provider
Provides options for connecting Unified Manager to an external data provider. After you establish the connection, performance data is sent to an external server so that storage performance experts can chart the performance metrics using third-party software. The following options are displayed:
  • Display Server Configuration—Displays the current connection and configuration settings for an external data provider.
  • Add / Modify Server Connection—Enables you to enter new connection settings for an external data provider, or change existing settings.
  • Modify Server Configuration—Enables you to enter new configuration settings for an external data provider, or change existing settings.
  • Delete Server Connection—Deletes the connection to an external data provider.

    After the connection is deleted, Unified Manager loses its connection to the external server.

Performance Polling Interval Configuration
Provides an option for configuring how frequently Unified Manager collects performance statistical data from clusters. The default collection interval is five minutes.
You can change this interval to ten or fifteen minutes if you find that collections from large clusters are not completing on time.
Migrate Data from Performance Manager 7.1
Provides the ability to import performance data from ONTAP clusters that have been managed by OnCommand Performance Manager 7.1.
See the Technical Report Migrating Performance Data to OnCommand Unified Manager for details.
Exits the maintenance console menu.