Viewing volume latency by cluster component

You can view detailed latency information for a volume by using the Performance/Volume Explorer page. The basic Latency counter chart shows total latency on the volume, and the Latency (Advanced) counter chart is useful for determining the impact of read and write latency on the volume.

About this task

Additionally, when the Advanced chart is displayed in Zoom View, it shows a detailed comparison of the latency of each cluster component to help determine how each component contributes to the total latency on the volume. The following cluster components are displayed:


  1. In the Performance/Volume Explorer page for your selected volume, select Latency (Advanced) in the Choose Charts drop-down menu in the right-hand chart area.
    The Latency (Advanced) chart is added to the chart area.
  2. In the Latency (Advanced) chart, select Zoom View > Open in New Window.
    The cluster component comparative chart and the advanced latency read and write count chart are displayed. You can restrict the comparison by deselecting or selecting the that is associated with a counter.
  3. To view the specific values, move your cursor into the chart area of either chart to see the popup window.