Viewing workload QoS minimum and maximum settings

You can view the storage quality of service (QoS) settings on a volume by using the Performance/Volume Explorer page. A throughput maximum setting limits the impact of competing workloads on system resources. A throughput minimum setting ensures that a critical workload meets minimum throughput targets regardless of demand by competing workloads. QoS minimum and maximum values are set in ONTAP.

About this task

Throughput minimum and maximum settings are available only if they have been configured in ONTAP. Throughput minimum settings are available only on systems running ONTAP 9.2 or later software.


  1. In the Performance/Volume Explorer page for your selected volume, perform the following actions to view the QoS ceiling and floor settings:
    If you want to... Do this...
    View the maximum IOPS (the QoS max) In the IOPS (Advanced) chart, select Zoom View > Open in New Window.
    View the maximum MBps (the QoS max) In the MBps (Advanced) chart, select Zoom View > Open in New Window.
    View the minimum IOPS (the QoS min) In the IOPS (Advanced) chart, select Zoom View > Open in New Window.
    The dashed, horizontal line indicates the maximum or minimum throughput value set in ONTAP. You can also view when changes to the QoS values were implemented.
  2. To view the specific IOPS and MBps values compared to the QoS setting, move your cursor into the chart area to see the popup window.

After you finish

If you notice that certain volumes are using too many IOPS or MBps, you can use the ONTAP CLI or System Manager to adjust the QoS settings so that these workloads do not affect the performance of other workloads.

For more information on adjusting QoS settings, see the ONTAP 9 Performance Monitoring Power Guide.