VMware Tanzu overview

VMware Tanzu is a portfolio of products that enables enterprises to modernize their applications and the infrastructure they run on. VMware Tanzu’s full stack of capabilities unites the development and IT operations teams on a single platform to embrace modernization in both their applications and their infrastructure consistently across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments to continuously deliver better software to production.

VMware Tanzu Portfolio

To understand more about the different offerings and their capabilities in the Tanzu portfolio, visit the documentation here.

Regarding Tanzu’s Kubernetes Operations catalog, VMware has a variety of implementations for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, all of which provision and manage the lifecycle of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters on a variety of platforms. A Tanzu Kubernetes cluster is a full-fledged Kubernetes distribution that is built and supported by VMware.

NetApp has tested and validated the deployment and interoperability of the following products from the VMware Tanzu portfolio in its labs: