OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5

Upgrading JRE on Windows

Contributors netapp-adityaw

You can upgrade to a newer version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on the Windows server on which Unified Manager is installed to obtain fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Before you begin

You must have Windows admin privileges for the system on which Unified Manager is installed.


  1. Log in as the admin user on the Unified Manager host machine.

  2. Download the appropriate version of Java (64-bit) from the JDK site to the target system.

    For example, download openjdk-11_windows-x64_bin.zip from http://jdk.java.net/11/.

  3. Use the Windows Services console to stop the following Unified Manager services:

    • NetApp OCIE Acquisition Unit (Ocie-au)

    • NetApp OnCommand Application Server (Oncommandsvc)

  4. Expand the zip file.

  5. Copy the directories and files from the resulting jdk directory (for example, jdk-11.0.1 to the location where Java is installed. Example: C:\Program Files\NetApp\JDK\

  6. Start the Unified Manager services by using the Windows Services console:

    • NetApp OnCommand Application Server (Oncommandsvc)

    • NetApp OCIE Acquisition Unit (Ocie-au)