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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
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What a storage class is

Contributors netapp-adityaw

A storage class is a definition of aggregate characteristics and volume settings. You can define different storage classes and associate one or more storage classes with an Infinite Volume. You must use OnCommand Workflow Automation to define workflows for your storage class requirements and to assign storage classes to Infinite Volumes.

You can define the following characteristics for a storage class:

  • Aggregate characteristics, such as the type of disks to use

  • Volume settings, such as compression, deduplication, and volume guarantee

For example, you can define a storage class that uses only aggregates with SAS disks and the following volume settings: thin provisioning with compression and deduplication enabled.

The following diagram illustrates an Infinite Volume that spans multiple nodes and uses the following storage classes: gold, silver, and bronze. Each storage class can span two or more nodes within an Infinite Volume. The diagram also illustrates the placement of data constituents in each storage class.

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