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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
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Adding to, and removing storage objects from, the Favorites list

Contributors netapp-adityaw

You can add storage objects to a Favorites list so you can monitor the objects for health, capacity, and performance. You can use object status in the Favorites list to determine issues and fix them before they become critical. The Favorites list also provides the most recent monitoring status of a storage object. You can remove storage objects from the Favorites list when you no longer require them to be marked as favorite.

About this task

You can add up to 20 clusters, nodes, aggregates, or volumes to the Favorites list. When you add a node to the Favorites list, it is displayed as a cluster.


  1. Go to the Details page of the storage object that you want to mark as a favorite.

  2. Click the star icon (favorite icon) to add the storage object to the Favorites list.

Adding an aggregate to the Favorites list

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Health > Aggregates.

  2. In the Health/Aggregates inventory page, click the aggregate that you want to add to the Favorites list.

  3. In the Health/Aggregate details page, click the star icon (favorite icon).

After you finish

To remove a storage object from the Favorites list, go to the Favorites list page, click the star icon (favorite icon) on the object card you want to remove, and then select the Remove from Favorites option.