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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
A newer release of this product is available.

Identifying the best node for a busy LIF using the CLI


You can display information about all the ports in a cluster. You can view information such as the network port role (cluster, data, or node-management), link status, maximum transmission unit (MTU), speed setting and operational status, and the port's interface group, if applicable.


  1. To display port information, enter the following command: network port show

    The following example displays information about network ports that have a data role and are up in the cluster:

    cluster1::> network port show  -role data -link up
                                       Auto-Negot Duplex      Speed (Mbps)
    Node Port Role         Link  MTU   Admin/Oper Admin/Oper  Admin/Oper
    ---- ---- -----        ----  ----  ---------- ----------  ----------
         e0M  data         up    1500  true/true  full/full   auto/100
         e0b  data         up    1500  true/true  full/full   auto/1000
         e0b  data         up    1500  true/true  full/full   auto/1000
  2. Check for destination ports that are in the same network as the source home port and home node.

    For example, the destination home port and home node should be on the same VLAN where applicable.

  3. To identify the least busy port, choose a data port that has the least number of connections.