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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
A newer release of this product is available.

Management/Users page

Contributors netapp-adityaw

The Management/Users page displays a list of your users and groups, and provides information such as the name, type of user, and email address. You can also use this page to perform tasks such as adding, editing, deleting, and testing users.

Command buttons

The command buttons enable you to perform the following tasks for selected users:

  • Add

    Displays the Add User dialog box, which enables you to add a local user, a remote user, a remote group, or a database user.

    You can add remote users or groups only if your authentication server is enabled and configured.

  • Edit

    Displays the Edit User dialog box, which enables you to edit the settings for the selected user.

  • Delete

    Deletes the selected users from the management server database.

  • Test

    Enables you to validate whether a remote user or group is present in the authentication server.

    You can perform this task only if your authentication server is enabled and configured.

List view

The List view displays, in tabular format, information about the users that are created. You can use the column filters to customize the data that is displayed.

  • Name

    Displays the name of the user or group.

  • Type

    Displays the type of user: Local User, Remote User, Remote Group, Database User, or Maintenance User.

  • Email

    Displays the email address of the user.

  • Role

    Displays the type of role that is assigned to the user: Operator, Storage Administrator, OnCommand Administrator, Integration Schema, or Report Schema.