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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
A newer release of this product is available.

Customizing the Aggregate Capacity and Utilization report to display aggregates with overcommitted threshold breached


You can customize the Aggregate Capacity and Utilization report to display the aggregates sorted by overcommitted capacity percentage, which enables you to view the storage space still available in the aggregates.

About this task

You can also perform this task by going to the Reports page and clicking Run Report for the appropriate report.


  1. To remove the grouping by cluster or HA pair, perform the following steps:

    1. Click in the column that needs to be ungrouped.

    2. Click the click to see menu icon.

    3. Select Group > Delete Inner Group.

  2. To display the difference between the overcommitted used percentage and the overcommitted threshold, add a new column.

    1. Select a column and click click to see menu.

    2. Select Column > New Computed Column.

    3. In the New Computed Column dialog box, enter a column label.

    4. From the Select Category list, select Math.

    5. From the Select Function list, select DIFFERENCE.

    6. From the Column 1 list, select Overcommitted Threshold (%).

    7. From the Column 2 list, select Overcommitted Capacity %.

    8. Click OK.

  3. To filter the values greater than zero in the new column, click in the New computed column and open the Filter dialog box by clicking the click to filter icon.

  4. From the Condition list, select Greater Than.

  5. In the Value field, type 0 and click OK.

  6. To sort the values, click inside New computed column and click the click to see menu icon.

  7. Select Filter > Top/Bottom N.

  8. In the Top/Bottom N dialog box, select Top N from the Filter field and enter a value in the text field.

  9. Click OK.