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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
A newer release of this product is available.

Health/Nodes inventory page

Contributors netapp-adityaw

The Health/Nodes inventory page enables you to view detailed information about the nodes in a selected cluster.

Command button

  • Export

    Enables you to export the details of all the monitored nodes to a comma-separated values (.csv) file.

Nodes list

The Nodes list displays the properties of all the discovered nodes in a cluster. You can use the column filters to customize the data that is displayed.

  • Status

    An icon that identifies the current status of the node. The status can be Critical (Icon for event severity – critical), Error (Icon for event severity – error), Warning (Icon for event severity – warning), or Normal (Icon for event severity – normal).

    You can position your cursor over the icon to view more information about the event or events generated for the node.

  • Node

    The name of the node.

  • State

    The state of the node. The state can be Up or Down.

  • HA State

    The state of the HA pair. The state can be Error, Warning, Normal, or Not applicable.

  • Down Time

    The time that has elapsed or the timestamp since the node is offline. If the time elapsed exceeds a week, the timestamp when the node went offline is displayed.

  • Cluster

    The name of the cluster to which the node belongs.

  • Model

    The model of the node.

  • OS version

    The ONTAP software version that the node is running.

  • All Flash Optimized

    Whether the node is optimized to support only solid-state drives (SSDs).

  • Serial Number

    The serial number of the node.

  • Firmware Version

    The firmware version number of the node.

  • Owner

    The name of the node's owner.

  • Location

    The location of the node.

  • Aggregate Used Capacity

    The amount of space used for data in the node's aggregates.

  • Aggregate Total Capacity

    The total space available for data in the node's aggregates.

  • Usable Spare Capacity

    The amount of available space in the node that can be used to enhance the aggregate capacity.

  • Usable Raw Capacity

    The amount of space that is usable in the node.

  • Total Raw Capacity

    The capacity of every unformatted disk in the node before right-sizing and RAID configuration.

  • SVM Count

    The number of SVMs contained by the cluster.

  • FC Port Count

    The number of FC ports contained by the node.

  • FCoE Port Count

    The number of FCoE ports contained by the node.

  • Ethernet Port Count

    The number of ethernet ports contained by the node.

  • Flash Card Size

    The size of the flash cards installed on the node.

  • Flash Card Count

    The number of flash cards installed on the node.

  • Disk Shelves Count

    The number of disk shelves contained by the node.

  • Disk Count

    The number of disks in the node.

Filters pane

The Filters pane enables you to set filters to customize the way information is displayed in the nodes list. You can select filters related to the Status, State, and HA State columns.


The filters that are specified in the Filters pane override the filters that are specified for the columns in the Nodes list.